Why You Don’t Want to Miss The Shannon

While you will want to enjoy the many beautiful lakes that can be found in Westmeath, you will not want to pass up what the River Shannon has to offer you. This is a place to go where you can both enjoy being on the river as well as off it.

You may want to begin your adventure with a leisurely stroll along the river banks. There is no chance that you will be walking it in its entirety however, as it stretches along 380 KM of beautiful bends and curves. Along its pathway it flows it way through eleven different counties. What you may want to do to get different looks of the Shannon is visit some of these other counties and head down to the riverbanks.

If you are intent on taking in more of what the riverside have to offer then consider a biking excursion that will allow you to cover more ground. For some rest stops you can plan for a picnic or purchasing your lunch or dinner at any of the counties close by that are waiting to provide you with a meal you won’t soon forget.

When you are ready to start your adventure upon the river you have some wonderful choices to do so. You can increase your pleasure and excitement by taking one of the luxurious cruises that coast down the Shannon. This will allow you to enjoy all the sites during your travel.

If you prefer something a little more strenuous and want to get some exercise in while enjoying the Shannon then consider canoeing down the river. This will certainly give you plenty to talk about when you return home.

You also can drive to some of the different counties and head down to the River Shannon so you can get some different views of it.

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