What Makes Westmeath So Special?

Westmeath has its fair share of Irish folklore, and it also has its fair share of stunning scenery. In fact, one of the biggest drawing features for tourists is the wonderful lakes that are found in this region. Lough Ennell and Lough Owel are prime examples of this type of attraction.

These water bodies open up the opportunity for some delightful activities. The businesses in Westmeath have used lakes to their advantage by boasting about them to increase the tourism that’s so vital to the whole county.

The lakes in Westmeath have something of enjoyment to offer to anyone who cares to visit them. For those who want to enjoy a refreshing dip to cool off, the lakes of Westmeath are waiting for them. Then for those who are anglers at heart, there are out of the way lakes that could land some mighty fine catches.

For the true outdoorsman (or woman!) there are hunting lodges here that boast of fine accommodations and yet allow one to escape the hub of the city. Included in this adventure would definitely be a trip to the Gothic Wall. You may have heard about the seven wonders and here in Westmeath you are sure to learn more about them. The tales that will be reiterated about them by the locals are sure to captivate you and certainly keep you wondering.

The variety of businesses that are robust and welcoming throughout Westmeath are alone an excellent reason for visiting this region. For many years businesses here have banded together to ensure that locals as well as visitors want for nothing while living in and visiting this beautiful county of Ireland.

Whether it be a visit to a castle, or a stroll around some of the absolutely beautiful gardens to be found here, Westmeath promises to become your next favorite destination!

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