Spending Time Outdoors in Westmeath

There is one thing that you want to count on during your visit to Westmeath and that is that most of it you will want to spend outdoors. This is an absolutely beautiful region of Ireland that deserves all of the attention you are willing to give it.

You will want to enjoy both the old and the new that the Westmeath region has to offer. No doubt it is most famous for its wonderful lakes. These on their own provide plenty of opportunity to enjoy them on any outdoor outing. If you are looking for a pristine setting to just and sit and relax then any of the lakes found here will serve the purpose.

Once you have arranged your accommodations you can take some time out to just enjoy your room and enjoy other forms of entertainment like playing at the casumo casino. This is a great way to take a break from the more strenuous activities that you will be enjoying during your visit to Westmeath.

For some water exercise then a playful swim will be in order, or how about doing some canoeing down the River Shannon?

Coming away from the water events still provides plenty of activities and you may want to begin with some sight seeing. Another enjoyable event is the intrigue of what castles in this region have to offer then you can start with Athlone Castle. Then if you haven’t tired as yet you may want to head over to the Belvedere House Gardens and Park. Here you will get a chance to explore and learn some more history. To rest yourself there is no better place to do this than in the spectacular garden setting that can be found here.

Ireland is famous for its whiskey and to gain some first hand knowledge about this age old art of distilling then you can visit the Old Kilbeggan Distillery. A visit here is like going back in time.

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