Dining Out in Westmeath

There is no way that you will not want to enjoy the fine selection of cuisine that can be found in Westmeath. Your biggest challenge is going to be making the decision of what kind of food you are going to be enjoying next.

Among the selections you will find historic Irish or modern, if you wish. If seafood is your favorite food fare, you will not be disappointed. Of course for vegetarian eaters there are plenty of restaurants that are willing to meet your needs.

If you want to make your dining experience extra special, then choose a restaurant that is going to provide you with a wonderful setting to dine in. For example, choosing a place that is located near the River Shannon may give you a wonderful view of what is happening at the time in the water, or perhaps a good view of the Althone Castle.

No doubt, you are going to want to experiment with trying different types of Irish cuisine do keep in mind that there are other types of cuisine from all around the world such as Thai cuisine.

If you are really intent on going with traditional Irish cuisine there it will be dependent on the type of agriculture that is present here. Classics are good old Irish stew which is made with lamb, mutton or goat. You may have had dishes that have been called Irish stew in your homeland, but chances are it doesn’t even come close to the traditional type of stew that you will experience here during your stay in Westmeath.

Other traditional Irish food fare consists of shepherd’s pie, Boxty (which is a potato pancake) and Coddle (which is sausage, bacon and potato). Of course Ireland on the whole is famous for its potato based dishes but prior to this the focus was on grains such as wheat, oats and barley and to some extent still is – many favorites still use these ingredients.

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