A Family Vacation in Westmeath

There are many parts of Ireland that make for a very good choice to visit. For those looking for a place in this country to have a family vacation, one of the best choices is to arrange for a stay in Westmeath. It is one of the popular counties in Ireland because it has so much to offer. The large collection of businesses here have put a great deal of effort into making their region a great place to visit.

To begin with, there is a large variety of accommodation to choose from. These range from impressive hotels to more economical B&Bs. Most all welcome children and some even welcome family pets. For a wonderful experience for every member of the family, there are a large number of inns and guesthouses.

Many of the hotels go out of their way to be family friendly. They have built out their business by adding special clubs for the kids to help keep them entertained. There are activities such as swimming, bowling and other types of sports available at most of these.

The adults will thoroughly enjoy many of the gardens and parks in the area. Plus, what should not be forgotten is that Westmeath is well known for its many lakes. Here, you will be able to enjoy all types of water activities that are pleasing for both adults and children alike. Visitors will always find some type of sporting events taking place for the family to enjoy. For those that enjoy equestrian events Westmeath always has plenty of these on the go.

In the evening there are plenty more things to see and do like taking in some good family theatre productions.

With the region having so much history to it, children especially will enjoy visiting some of the castles and historical sites. When it comes to shopping opportunities there are no disappointments here in Westmeath. There is a mix of the old and the new so plenty of hours can be spent enjoying it!

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